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Neven Connolly

A (very) physical actor.

Dancer, clown, host, creature, character, coeliac.


by Cirque du Soleil

Dancer / Understudy Clown

Created aboard the MSC Grandiosa as part of the inaugural cast under the direction of Susan Gaudreau (stage director), Gabriel Dube-Dupuis (creative), Michael Rahhal (assistant/comedy director) and Eric Martel (choreographer).


by Cirque du Soleil

Dancer / Understudy Host

The second show created with MSC with the same team and cast. Neven danced in both shows while understudying the clown/emcee characters with which he was provided multiple opportunities to perform.


by Sandcastle Theatre


A resident theatrical circus show with a creation period in which Neven worked with Susan Gaudreau (creative director), Stefan Haves and David Alexandre-Despres (clown consultants) to create the clown A'ate: an eccentric, dancing, faux-magician helping the audience navigate the illustrious world of the show.

Blanc de Blanc Uncorked

by Strut & Fret


The 'Uncorked' version of Blanc de Blanc was created for P&O Cruises after the original 18+ circus-burlesque land show had toured both nationally and overseas. Neven was a part of the original Uncorked cast under the direction of Scott Maidment (creative director) and Spencer Novich (associate/comedy director).